THEO 3320 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Jovinian, Fall Of Man, Judicial Activism

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Some notes about format and mechanics of the exam. There will be at least 5 sections with different kinds of questions including map/geography identification, short answer, and essay type questions (of various lengths and formats). There will be no multiple choice or matching. You will need to know specifics for the exam the quality of your answers will be assessed based on your explicit knowledge of the material. In other words, this isn"t going to be an exam where you can expect to recognize a word or concept i give you. You are going to need to have enough mastery to include those details yourself. Content for review in preparation for the exam. Important geographical places and significant dates in augustine"s life. 365-74 - school life at madaura and carthage. 386- goes on a monastic retreat in cassiciacum. 387 to 388- returns to milan, baptism, death of monica, return to africa.

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