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ANTH 100 Midterm: Anthro exam 2

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ANTH 100
Judkins Russell

http:mulicllultural.blogspo t.com201505entry1forestpeoplebycolinm.html SUMMARY OF THE FOREST PEOPLE The forest people are hunters and gatherers subsistence types are now adaptational types The Desert People: In class Movie Directed by Ian Dunlop, Produced by John MartinJones About the Australian Aborigines May 1965 official government study of the Aborigines. Minma focus of the study, one individual No clothing whatsoever entirely nude society. do wear a cord around their waists to hold animals, tools, or anything picked up when walking. Having long hair is only a luxury of men; women are not allowed to have long hair of any sort. Running water is rare normally must be dug from wells and rockholes Desert, NOT rainforest Desert is Australia. Rainforest is Africa. 3 wives, 7 children, polyamorous culture. Desert population dwindling few other tribes Marrying early unusual to be unmarried at 15. Use of rocks as tools, flaking of minerals. Uses a very methodical pattern for hammering the stones. Quartzite and coal found, used as knife and scraper Hunting is not an easy task for the men Catching lizard using any kinds of protein you can find. Grinding of grains in a husk, trying to separate the seeds shake to separate husk and seed creates a bread that is then baked in hot ashes (most of the food is cooked by burying it in hot ashes.) Every woman has her own grindstone. Sometimes they are carried from well to well. Sometimes they are left at campsites. Grains to be mixed with water and baked with hot ashes. Eating lizards raw bugs literally crawling all over them. sometimes the lizards are cooked by the adults andor children.
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