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CHEM 1211K

Chapter 0 31 What is the proper formula for the ionic compound formed between Fe and the hydroxide ionA FeO 3 B FeO 3 C FeOD FeOH3E FeOH 3 2 What mass of KCrO is needed to make 250 L of a 0200 M KCrO solution 227227 A 170 gB 235 gC 535 g D 147 gE 588 g3 A compound was found to contain 4364 P and 5636 O by massThe compound has a molar mass of 28388 gmolWhat is the compounds molecular formulaA PO 25 B PO 45 C PO410D PO 2 E PO 2 4 Which compound is NOT correctly namedA NHSOammonium sulfate 424 B OF dioxygen difluoride 22 C RbCl rubidium chlorideD CuPO copper phosphate 342 E None of the above 15 What are the spectator ions in the reaction of aqueous solutions of PbCl and 2LiSO24A Li and Cl 22 B Pb and SO 42 C Li and Pb 2 D SO and Cl 42 E Li and SO 4 6 The active ingredient in baking soda is NaHCO How many grams of NaHCOare 33 23needed to provide 215 x 10 atoms of oxygenA 619 gB 100 gC 186 gD 300 gE 900 g7 A 200mL solution of 110 M KCl is diluted How much water must be added to dilute the concentration to 0750 M KClA 93 mLB 213 mLC 293 mLD 413 mLE 825 mL8 Nitrogen gas can be formed from the reaction of NHg with CuOs according to 3the following equationHow much nitrogen gas is formed when 181 g of NH are 3reacted with 904 g of CuO 2NHg3CuOs Ng3Cus3HOg 322 A 430 gB 106 gC 149 gD 298 gE 318 g 29 Which statement regarding images a and b below is falseAssume that each sphere represents one mole of substanceA In image a there are equal masses but different numbers of moles of substancesB In image b there are equal numbers of moles but different masses of each substanceC In image b the substance on the right has a smaller molar mass than the substance on the leftD In image b both substances have the same molar massE None of the above 10 What is the coefficient for Og when this equation is balanced 2 CHg Og HOgCOg 26222A 7B 4 C 35 D 175 E 211 Which ionic compound below is insoluble in aqueous solutionA LiOHB CaCO 3 C KPO 34 D NHSO 424 E FeCl 2 3
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