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CHEM 1211K
Eleanor C.Alexander

CHEM 1211K Exam One Fall 2010 1. Which compound is NOT correctly named? (A) (NH )4 2 4 ammonium sulfate (B) O 2 2 dioxygen difluoride (C) RbCl rubidium chloride (D) Cu 3PO )4 2 copper phosphate (E) None of the above. 2. A compound was found to contain 43.64% P and 56.36% O by mass. The compound has a molar mass of 283.88 g/mol. What is the compound's molecular formula? (A) P 2 5 (B) P4O 5 (C) P O 4 10 (D) PO 2 (E) P2O 3. The active ingredient in baking soda is NaHCO . How3many grams of NaHCO are 3 needed to provide 2.15 x 10 atoms of oxygen? (A) 6.19 g (B) 10.0 g (C) 18.6 g (D) 30.0 g (E) 90.0 g 4. What are the spectator ions in the reaction of aqueous solutions of PbCl and 2i SO ? 2 4 (A) Li and Cl - 2+ 2- (B) Pb+and SO 2+4 (C) Li and Pb (D) SO 2- and Cl - +4 2- (E) Li and SO 4 Form A 1 CHEM 1211K Exam One Fall 2010 3+ 5. What is the proper formula for the ionic compound formed between Fe and the hydroxide ion? (A) FeO 3 (B) Fe 3 (C) FeO (D) FeOH 3 (E) Fe(OH) 3 6. Which ionic compound below is insoluble in aqueous solution? (A) LiOH (B) CaCO 3 (C) K 3O 4 (D) (NH )4 2 4 (E) FeCl 2 7. Nitrogen gas can be formed from the reaction of NH (g) 3ith CuO(s) according to the following equation. How much nitrogen gas is formed when 18.1 g of NH are reac3ed with 90.4 g of CuO? 2NH (3) + 3CuO(s)  N (g) +23Cu(s) + 3H O(g) 2 (A) 4.30 g (B) 10.6 g (C) 14.9 g (D) 29.8 g (E) 31.8 g 8. What mass of K Cr O is needed to make 2.50 L of a 0.200 M K Cr O solution? 2 2 7 2 2 7 (A) 17.0 g (B) 23.5 g (C) 53.5 g (D) 368 g (E) 588 g Form A 2 CHEM 1211K Exam One Fall 2010 9. Which statement regarding images a and b below is false? Assume that each sphere represents one mole of substance. (A) In image (a), there are equal masses but different numbers of moles of substances. (B) In image (b), there are equal numbers of moles but different masses of each substance. (C) In image (b), the substance on the right has a smaller molar mass than the substance on the left. (D) In image (b), both substances have the same molar mass. (E) None of the above. 10. A 20.0-mL solution of 1.10 M KCl is diluted. How much water must be added to dilute
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