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CHEM 1310

Chapter 2 1 Antimony Sb has two stable isotopes Given that 438 of natural antimony is 123Sb with the experimentally determined mass 122904 amu what is the other stable isotope 120 A Sb 121 B Sb 122 C Sb 123 D Sb 124 E Sb 2What is the chemical formula for the compound containing the ironIII cation and the sulfate anion A FeSO 34 B FeSC FeSO 342 D FeSO 243 E FeS 233Which chemical species is incorrectly named A CaBrcalcium bromide 2 B TiCltitaniumII chloride 2 C NHCOammonium carbonate 423 D PF phosphorus pentafluoride 52 E COcarbon trioxide 34A given isotope contains 92 protons 146 neutrons and 86 electronsWhat is the chemical symbol for this isotope2386U A92146U B92178Rn C862386Rn D86 1466U E15 Which symbol represents the alkaline earth metal with the greatest atomic number A FrB RaC SrD TlE Rn 6Which symbol represents a period four transition metal that has 40 electrons when it forms a 2 cation A MoB ZrC VD CrE Ru 127Which of theses is an isotope of C12 A N 122 B CC 6B 13 D C 11 E B 328 How many neutrons are present in one atom of P A 15B 17C 32D 5E 3 9Which formula represents copperII nitrate A CoN 32 B CuN 32 C CuNO 3 D CuNO 32 E CoNO 3 2 10 Which image best represents the perchlorate ionA B C DE3
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