2002 Hist 2111 Test 2 Review

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HIST 2111
Eleanor C.Alexander

HISTORY TEST #2 REVIEW SHEET Transportation Revolution • Involved the construction of canals, railroads, flatboats, steamboats, etc. o Steamboats were important because the could go upstream o Invented by Robert Fulton, The Clermont, dangerous due to explosions o New York becomes largest city due to railroads, leading to 1 slums Erie Canal • 1 modern connection to the ocean for U.S. (between Buffalo and Albany) • Irish worked on most of the canals, paid in whiskey War of 1812 • Between Britain and U.S., lasting until 1814 o U.S. tried to go into Canada, but Natives supported British, so unsuccessful • Treaty of Ghent ended war, fighting still going on (Battle of New Orleans) • Battle of Bladensburgh – in Maryland, Americans retreat without fighting • British march on D.C., burn White House; Dolly Madison saves Declaration of Independence and the silver • Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner at Battle of Ft. McHenry • Caricature of Uncle Sam created during this war Gabriel’s Rebellion • Takes place in Virginia, dispute over weapons area (?) • First major slave rebellion (27 slaves executed as result) American Colonization Society • Wanted to send slaves back to Africa and start a colony called Liberia Industrial Revolution • Diseases, urbanization, establishment of middle class, child labor introduced in America • 2-party system results from it George Washington’s Admin • Did not support party politics • Judiciary Act passed – starts Federal Courts • First Cabinet – all slave owners o Alexander Hamilton (Sec. of Treasurey) o Thomas Jefferson (Sec. of State) o Henry Knox (Sec. of War) o John Jay (Chief Justice) Nat Turner’s Rebellion • Last major slave rebellion, takes place in Virginia (1831) • Turner heard voices telling him to kill slave owners – murders 55 of them • 100 innocent slaves executed as a result Denmark Vessey • Free man of color who has two different families in slavery, so he starts a rebellion against slavery • The “butler” rats him out, Vessey and 30 slaves are captured, unexecuted slaves sent to West Indies Minstrel shows • Racist skits in which people dressed up as black people and basically mocked them Great Compromise • New Jersey Plan (small states) wanted a legislature with each state having 1 vote, whereas Virginia Plan (large state) wanted legislature with votes dependant upon population o Compromise on bicameral legislature with 1 side (Senate) having two votes per state, and the other side (House of Reps.) having votes by population Monroe’s Admin • 4 things happen under his term o Denmark Vessey Rebellion - o Monroe Doctrine – written by John Quincy Adams stating U.S. opposition to further colonization by foreign countries, sending a message to Russia and Grand Alliance, in return U.S. wouldn’t get involved in European interests, never tested by Grand Alliance o Missouri Compromise – see below o United States gets Florida – Jackson runs out Indians, pirates, and ex-slaves XYZ Affair • French officials refused to meet with three U.S. ambassadors sent by Adams as a peace mission; bribes were the only way he would meet with the ambassadors • U.S. wanted to meet since French Revolution had just ended • Relations with French were bad because of the Genet Affair Missouri Compromise • Missouri had to achieve a certain population before it could come into U.S. as a slave state • Maine was going to come in as a free state Articles of Confederation • Implemented a weak central government • Did not contain a bill of rights Virginia Plan • Part of Great Compromise, see above Manifest Destiny • Popular American outlook to expand westward to the P
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