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International Affairs
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INTA 2040
Mark Dallas

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Study Guide #2 Thecountries in which the US conductsdronestrikes, and the approximatevolumeof strikes in thosecountries. Afghanistan (1160) Pakistan (336) Libya (145) Yemen (60) Somalia (15) Roleof the National Nuclear SecurityAdministration o Global role in nuclear security o Orphaned sources o Medical lab disposed of improperly o Find employment for people once employed by Russia o Fissile material protection: training, all over world  Most effective group (more than state or un sponsored) Schedule 1,2 and 3 chemicals on thechemical weapons convention (not the specific identity, but theclassification) o 3: industrial usage  Chlorine, phosgene: eat up lung tissue o 2: legitimate small scale production research value o 1: sarin, ricin, mustard gas: only weapons  Attack skin and lungs Who’s in, who’sout: Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Egypt, North Korea, Angola, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria What is thepurposeof the Montreal protocol protect the ozone layer and fazeout chlorofluorocarbons Theapproximateamountof global temperaturechangesince 1900. 0.74 degrees C Whatare UVA, UVB and UVC? Energiesand how theyare filtered through theatmosphere C filtered out in atmoshpere AB cause skin cancer Ultraviolet, theozone layer filters itout of the atmosphere Whatare thestated goalsof Hezbollah? Wheredotheyoperate? What states fund them? Destroy isreal, no imperial powers in Lebanon, people “choose” government Iran, Syria, operate in lebanon Whoare thestatesdesignated as statesponsorsof terrorism bythe US State Department? Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria Drones: Reapervs Predator Predator 25-35K feet, 14 hrs, 2 Hellfire , 135 mph Reaper 50K feet, 30 hrs, 4 Hellfire, 2 bombs, 350 mph; newerand better
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