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MATH 2401
Jing Hu

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Math 2401 Name (Print): Spring 2013 Midterm 1 GT ID: 02/19/13 Time Limit: 80 Minutes Section signature: Instructions:This exam contains 7 pages (including this cover page) and 6 problems. Check to see if any pages are missing. Print your name and sign your signature to indicate that you accept the honor code. The following rules apply: ▯ Calculator is allowed to use. You may not use Problem Points Score your books, notes on this exam. ▯ Box the answer and show the work you did to 1 8 arrive at the answer to receive full credit. 2 9 ▯ Organize your work in a reasonably neat and coherent way, in the space provided. Work scat- 3 9 tered all over the page without a clear ordering will receive very little credit. 4 8 ▯ Mysterious or unsupported answers will not receive full credit. A correct answer, unsupport- 5 8 ed by calculations, explanation, or algebraic work will receive no credit; an incorrect answer support- 6 8 ed by substantially correct calculations and expla- Total: 50 nations might still receive partial credit. ▯ If you need more space, use the back of the pages; clearly indicate when you have done this. Math 2401 Midterm 1 - Page 2 of 7 02/19/13 1. (8 points) Calculate, simplifying the answer: R 1 (a) (2 points) [e▯ti + sin(▯t)j + t k]dt 0 d t ▯t ▯t t 1 (b) (3 points) dt[(e i + e j + tk) ▯ (e i + e j + t2k)] d 1 1 (c)
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