HIST 387 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Plebeian Council, Punic Wars, Roman Republic

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Institution of power that was defined by the tribal structure. The parties controlled most of the power and fought over power. Consequence of this system is the power struggle between the elite. Person involved in classical greece was the cleisthenes. Cleisthenes changed the basis of political participation from kin groups and redrew political maps so that the parties would stop fighting. Formation of the polis, the city state and the social stratification of the kin groups. The patricians who help sovereign authority and the plebeians who were subordinate to the patrician clans. Consequence of this would be the collapse of the monarch and the establishment of the republic. Servius tullius and the comitia centuria later becomes plebeian assembly. The punic wars advanced the plebeian role on legislative power because the patricians needed their support. The senate"s alienated their power to army generals who were allowed to keep their armies after the punic wars. Polarization of the optimate and populare factions.

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