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Indiana jones of feminism four years before the equal rights passed. Sex-gender system: focuses on lesbian issues, minority sex issues. Reread it because eli likes it a lot. Marxism/engels: says that marxism ignores gender and sex di erences in class. Capitalism: is too make money: exploit labor so there is a surplus of money. Women in capitalism create a surplus by keeping the men going and working and not costing any money. There is no reason for why, capitalism hasn"t existed forever, so why are women oppressed. Women do the housework, which means they do it for free, so men can do actual work. This sustains the workers and reproduces their labor for everyday. Rubin: wants to know why men can"t do housework. Also why foot binding in china and why chastity belts. Basically patriarchy pre-exists capitalism, it didn"t fully change the culture, just the political economy (an analysis of the individual in society, when it comes to exchanging goods. )

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