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RIU 436 Lecture Notes - Lecture 35: Amaurosis Fugax, Subclavian Artery, Vertebrobasilar InsufficiencyExam

Radiation and Imaging - Ultrasound
Course Code
RIU 436
Miram Teft
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1. Which of the following will NOT result in bilateral changes in
the Doppler spectra of the carotid arteries?
1. Intra-aortic balloon pump
2. Brain death
3. Subclavian steal
4. Aortic root or valve stenosis
2. What is the provocative maneuver of reactive hyperemia used
to demonstrate during the duplex evaluation of the
extracranial cerebrovascular system?
1. The presence of congenitally small vertebral arteries
2. A change from latent or partial to complete subclavian
3. The diagnosis of brain death
4. The effect of intra-aortic balloon pump.
3. For subclavian steal phenomenon to occur, where does a
severe stenosis or an occlusion
need to be present?/
1. The bilateral common carotid arteries
2. The subclavian artery distal to the vertebral artery
3. The brachiocephalic or subclavian artery proximal to the
vertebral artery origin
4. The vertebral arteries
4. A patient presents for extracranial carotid duplex
examination with symptoms of right-sided facial droop. Where
is the most likely area of disease?
1. Left CCA distal
2. Left CCA bulb
3. Right CCA bulb
4. Right ICA distal
5. Which of the following symptoms are suspicious for
vertebrobasilar insufficiency?
1. Amaurosis fugax
2. Aphasia
3. Impaired coordination
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