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WRT 150
Sarah Dickerson

Preparation for your final portfolio nd I will offer a check-list on Monday, Dec 2 to help you prepare your portfolio, and instructions for uploading your final portfolio to the Portfolio Management system on Wed, Dec 4 . th I will not accept your portfolio unless thl required drafts of essays have been turned in throughout the course of the semester. Nov 27 is the last day I will accept drafts. Be sure you can log in. If you’ve forgotten your password, you may not want to deal with it at the last minute. You must come to our last lab session to submit your final portfolio: Do not submit before the last lab session, and keep in mind you will not have access to the system after Wednesday’s lab. Be sure each of your essays have been carefully proofread and formatted correctly, according to MLA before lab (You can find a sample MLA formatted paper on the Hacker website under Humanities). Remember, the final portfolio represents your abilities as a college-level academic writer. See page 12 to 13 in the Green Book for submission guidelines. Your portfolio should consist of at least one essay that includes significant research, preferably 6 to 8 or more: I strongly suggest your works cited page shows you can navigate the library’s databases and includes relevant academic/scholarly sources. Here are the guidelines for each essay I’ve assigned, but again consider your portfolio on the whole as you revise. Your portfolio should be between 15 pages (minimum) and about 20 pages. Essay 1: 4 to 6 (no more than about 10) pages double spaced Essay 2: 5 to 7 or more pages, double spaced, times new roman, 5 to 7 or more credible sources Essay 3: 6 to 8 or more 5 to 8 credible Essay 4: 5 to 6 pages or more, at least one source Be sure each paper is formatted according to MLA: Make sure all in text citations are formatted correctly, including signal phrases appropriate, and that your works cite
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