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PHIL 2135 Final: CU 21: Ethics and Counseling (class notes)

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PHIL 2135
Loyd Eby

Ethics in Business & Professions Final Exam CU 21: Ethics and Counseling 04/12/17  Counselor integrity may be challenged when clients ask for or demand behavior that conflicts with the professional’s convictions or values  Value conflicts can arise from either: o 1) Particular choices o 2) Outlook/attitude o 3) Basic values  First order autonomy-  second order autonomy- the ability to think critically about first order values and commitments o A counselor whose integrity is challenged need to examine their own values  AACD Ethical Standards says that “when the client’s condition indicates that there is a clear and imminent danger to the client or others, the member must take reasonable personal action or inform responsible authorities”  Confidentiality is supported by both utilitarianism and Kantian ethics o Cohen uses a Model Rule to deal with the limitations of confidentiality  Pope & Vasquez: Nonsexual Multiple Relationships- dual relationship occurs when the therapist is in another, significantly different relationship, with a patient o Dual relationships can jeopardize professional judgment, clients’ welfare, and the process of therapy itself o Consequences of dual relationships:  1) Erode the professional nature o
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