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Around 3000 years before jesus the emergence of written human text. 500 years bc/bce greeks begun to take over. Zoroastrianism was a very widespread religion during this time. Henotheism belief in a high god. Judaism used to be henotheistic before the destruction of the second temple. Everything happens because god wants it to happen. Eventually his life is terrible and he questions god, and god is not questionable or accountable. Christianity has always been a highly diverse community. Alexander the great conquers most of the modern world around 300 bce. Heraclitus - kosmos means everything: koine kosmos shared or common world (world that we all inhabit together, idios kosmos the internal mind that you inhabit alone. Under alexander the great, the greeks spoke koine greek. 750 ad islam became an imperial religion. The emergence of a new movement in christianity was the basis of the catholic church called. In islam jesus is a very important prophet, but not god.