MCB 52 Review Session Notes

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Harvard University
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Molecular and Cellular Biology MCB 52
Tom Torello

MCB 52 REVIEW NOTES [LECTURE 31] EXAMINING NOISE IN LOW COPY PLASMIDS We want to use a weak promoter, because difficult to detect noise when there is so much signal. You want each cell to only have one copy of each promoter. They also didn’t want the proteins to be too close to each other (as they would be if they were on the same plasmid). BROWN-GOLDSTEIN EXPERIMENT Experiment 1: Took cells from WT or FH patients. In wild-type patients, cholesterol led to a decrease in HMG Co-A reductase activity, but in FH patients, you didn’t get that decrease in activity. Experiment 2: NONSENSE, NONSTOP, NO-GO Nonsense: a premature stop codon has been introduced Nonstop: stop codon has been mutated, once ribosome starts translating the polyA tail, complexes are degraded. No-go: Ribosome becomes stalled, possibly because of
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