Psychology 15 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Terror Management Theory, Boogie 2Nite, Cognitive Dissonance

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Characterizing social psychology of individuals in social situations. The two tendencies together are called the fundamental attribution error. The role of construal: social psychology also focuses on the role of construal in understanding situations. They tell us how to interpret situations and how to behave in them: stereotypes are schemas of people of various kinds (police officers, Stereotypes serve to guide interpretation and behavior, but they can often be mistaken or misapplied and they can leas to damaging actions and unjust behaviors. Automatic versus controlled processing: people"s construal of situations are often largely automatic and unconscious. As a consequence, people are sometimes in the dark about how they reached a particular conclusion or why they behaved in a articular way. West, gender and sexual practices diverge significantly: theorists differ in how strongly they believe this variability is arbitrary versus rooted in economic factors or some other aspect of the objective situation confronting the culture.