ANAT 205 Final: Anatomy & Physiology lecture-19

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17 Jul 2019

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Involves the active transport of one substance, such as na+, across the cell membrane, establishing a concentration gradient. Diffusion of that substance provides the energy to transport a second substance, such as glucose, across the cell membrane. Cotransport: diffusing substance moves in the same direction as the transported substance. Countertransport: diffusing substance moves in a direction opposite to that of the transported substance. Vesicles: small, membrane-bound sac containing material to be transported across the cell membrane. Endocytosis: bulk intake of material through the cell membrane by taking it into a vesicle. Cell membrane invaginates (folds inward) to form a vesicle. Specific substance binds to receptor molecule, triggers endocytosis. Substance is transported into the cell . Phagocytosis: ingestion and digestion by cells of substances, such as other cells, bacteria, debris, and foreign particles. Pinocytosis: cell drinking; uptake of liquid by cell. Exocytosis: release of material from a cell through formation of vesicle.

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