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CHE 110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: American Cancer Society, National Health Interview Survey, Thrombocytopenia

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CHE 110
Sarah Boesdofer
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A Molecule that Rocks My World (Melatonin)
Chemical Name: N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine
Molecular Structure: formula is C13H16N2O2
State at Room Temperature:
Other Important Chemical Characteristics:
o Bioavailability: 30-50%
o Molecular Weight: 232.278g/mol
Why you chose the molecule:
o I have a hard time sleeping at night, and I researched healthy
ways to help sleeping patterns. None of the options really
helped me, so when I went to my doctor and they prescribed
melatonin to me, I was very hesitant that this would work for
e. I’e ee usig elatoi for si oths o, ad 
sleeping habits are extremely better. Melatonin helps me clear
my mind at night, and fall right to sleep, which is amazing.
How has it changed the world in which we live in? Why should we care
about it? What should we know about it?
o It has also improved blood pressure control in people with
nocturnal hypertension.
o Tentative evidence shows that melatonin may help reduce some
types of headaches including cluster headaches, and is known to
aid in reducing the effects of jet lag.
Where does it come from? When was it discovered/invented?
o It’s a iogei aie that is foud i aials ad plats. In
aals, it’s produed  the pieal glad (a sall glad i the
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