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COM 111 Study Guide - Metatheory, General Idea, Relational Dialectics

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COM 111

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Final Exam – Com 111 – Fall 2013
Note that “general idea” means – sum up the whole theory in a sentence or two or be
able to apply the idea to a concrete situation if it were summed up in a sentence or
98% of this test is review. There are around 115 questions.
Metatheory (basically everything from test 1 is fair game)
Types of relationships in scientific research
The qualities by which we evaluate theories
Everything in that continuum on Ontology/Epistemology, etc.
Critical Theory
How we conduct scientific and humanistic research (types of research)
All Key Terms from this section
How we evaluate theory
The types of research that Scientific and Humanistic Researchers conduct
(*dont worry about inductive vs. deductive research)
Dependent and Independent variables
Correlational, causal and temporal relationships
Intercultural Theories
Muted Group Theory – Know the general idea realllllly well.
Standpoint theory – Know the general idea, who has the most comprehensive view of life.
Communication Accommodation Theory – know the general idea, convergence/
divergence, overaccommodation, maintaining
The general ideas of the different types of cultures: individ/collect – Small Power Dist/Lg
Power Dist , Uncert Accepting/Uncertainty Avoiding, (also known as “uncertainty
rejecting”), High Context/Low Context
Interpersonal Communication Theories
Expectancy Violations Theory – the general idea
Social Exchange Theory – the general idea, CL and CLalt and all about each
Social Penetration Theory – the general idea, breadth and depth of disclosure
Relational Dialectics Theory – the general idea
Face Negotiation Theory – the general idea, the ideas of positive and negative face, and
why this is also a culture theory.
Persuasion Theories
Cognitive Dissonance – the general idea
Elaboration Likelihood Model – the general idea, central and peripheral processing
Theory of Reasoned Action – the general idea and the three things I must know to
determine your intentions
Social Judgment – the general idea, the continuum, how to change attitudes
Org Com and Leadership Theories
Leader Member Exchange Theory – the general idea
Org Culture Theory – the general idea
Theory X (Classical/Scientific management approach) - general idea
Theory Y – Human Relations – general idea
Theory Z – Human Resourcesgeneral idea
Media Theories
Social Learning/Social Cognitive Theory – the general idea, imitation, identification
Spiral of Silence – the general idea
Diffusion of Innovations – the general idea, what critical mass means and what number it
Direct effects theories
Displacement Theory – the general idea
Media Dependency Theory – the general idea
Agenda Setting – the general idea, priming, number of issues on the agenda at one time,
mainstreaming, resonance, framing, triggering event
Cultivation Theory – the general idea, the Mean World Syndrome, mainstreaming and
Uses and Gratifications Theory – the general idea
Narrative Paradigm/Narrative Theory – the general idea, fidelity and coherence, what
happens to stories that persuade us, what separates us from other animals, how
communication is conceptualized.
Symbolic Convergence Theory – the general idea, ALL of the relevant terms from
PR Theories
Situational Theory – the general idea, what factors influence whether or not people
become actively involved on the issue