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COM 111 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Constructionism

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COM 111
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Scientific HUMAN CONTINUUM Humanistic
Theorists should admit their values (humanistic) but they should bracket and set them aside (scientific) so MIDDLE (social
Theories should predict human behavior (scientific) so LEFT
What is real is what is outside of us what can be observed (scientific), feelings and attitudes are not real so LEFT
The only thing we can really know is what we can touch and feel, systematically (scientific) so LEFT
People act the way they do, because of stimulus response (determinism) (scientific) so LEFT
Theories should explain peoples individual realities (humanistic), should be a fly on the wall leaving values at the door (humanistic)
so MIDDLE (social constructionist)
Purpose of theory is to uncover the laws that dictate human behavior (determinism) (scientific) so LEFT
There is no absolute social reality but groups of people communicate and create realities (humanistic) so America is real and external
to us, but it is something we have created (scientific) so MIDDLE (social constructionist)
There are internal realities like attitudes, thoughts, and feelings, (humanistic) but we can only know theses things by looking at
someone’s external behaviors by someones score on an attitude scale test, people respond the same way to these things (guidelines)
(scientific) so we can examine the 5 types of love that exist in all people so more (scientific) LEFT
There is no absolute truth or law of human nature, each person determines what is truth for themselves (humanistic) so RIGHT
People make choices but those choices are limited by the persons position in life MIDDLE social constructionist
Each culture of people has their own truth (humanistic), there are multiple but not infinite amount of realities thus their beliefs are
their truths and (social constructionist) halfway between MIDDLE and H
There are oppressive forces that are external to us (scientific), theories should fight for social change to help change those oppressive
forces (social theory) so
Theories should provide a systematic analysis (scientific) of media showing how media exposure affects audiences, like lowering the
self worth of women or minority groups so LEFT
Knowledge is totally personal, thus there is no way to be positive about what an individual thinks RIGHT
Theory should give us frameworks (humanistic) that help us understand specific instances of something that demonstrate an
oppressive nature (status quo) so RIGHT
Theorist should admit their values and their role as researchers, (humanistic) so RIGHT
Theories should not help people determine if a situation is unbearable, but peoples experience of the world is the most important
(humanistic) so RIGHT
People make free will choices, thus they are unpredictable (humanistic) RIGHT
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