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6. What did Mohammad take from his exposure to different traditions?
Throughout Mohammad’s time of being exposed to different religions and
cultures, he was able to create a new religion that would incorporate many other religion
teachings and practices to form this new religion. When Mohammad was starting this
new religion involving Arabian and Quraysh converts, he followed the term “Allah”
meaning “the god”. Mohammad decided to not teach new doctrines of this prophet
because most of his followers as they were converted from a previous religion that held
the same belief in this God, so he went off previous beliefs and stories brought about by
the Jewish and Christians. Muhammad proclaimed and believed in the practice of
“judgment day”, meaning that when we die, God will determine whether or not you will
reach the Promised Land, which is known for a few other religions. Muslims followed
many other Christian practices. These practices include giving proportional income to the
poor, prayer, the opposition of violence, and the maintaining of peace between religions.
Mohammad followed specific Jewish practices like communal prayer on Friday
afternoons on days where Jews would be preparing for the Sabbath and fast on this day.
His attempt was to align Islam more closely with Judaism.
As Mohammad continued the development of his faith, he commanded that
Muslims respect Christians and Jews as stated in the Qur’an, because these religions have
the same God and “it is unto Him, that we all must surrender ourselves”.
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