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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 182

KNR 221Final exam study guideEffective teaching 1 day 10Quality PE Moses PEMOSEPEMonitorStudents progress is monitored regularlyEnsure that you are meeting your educational goalsAssessments self peer teacher and feedbackObjectivesStudents have clear objectivesStudents should understand the importance of each learning unit Why are we doing thisWhere we are where we want to beclear path Where are we going with thisSuccessThe learning atmosphere I success orientedCaring atmosphere teachersstudents want everyone to succeedMultiple choices of challenge for students to chooseEngagementStudents are engaged in appropriate learning activities for large percentage of timeMore than 50 time spent in PALow rates of management and transition timeSOFIT teachers assessmentPlanPlan implement and evaluateconstant reassessing your teaching Knowing your audiencefrom developmental growth cultural aspects and trialerrorEnthusiasm Teachers are enthusiasticEnthusiasm is contagiousStudents perceive your class differently when you show care and interestTeach For Diversity7 Considerations To Be Aware Of1Help students learn about similarities and differences 2People from different cultures share common values customs and beliefs3Make students aware of discriminations4Help children develop pride from their culture 5Teach ways to communicate with other cultures races and genders 6Respect people regardless of raceethnicitygender social class or ability7Integrate multicultural activities into the curriculumDifferent ways to approach students from different culturesGetting to know your studentspeers1What is their history2Cultural values3Religious beliefs4Political beliefs5Holidayscelebrations6Avoid stereotypesCommunication Skills1Be careful with mixed messages nonverbalthey can help you or harm you2Conduct lengthy discussions with little engagement3Respect students opinions4A good listener5Active listener6Listen to hidden messages I hate PE7Restate what the student told you8Let students know you are listening Motivating students in PE PRAISEPerceived CompetenceSuccessful experiences positive feedback difficulty progressionRelatednessBuild rapport with studentsAutonomyPromote choiceIndividualityTreat student as individualsSocial SupportUnderstand peerpressure integrate familyEnjoymentBalanced curriculumActivities that they enjoyEffective teaching 2 day 11Use proper teaching behaviors Communication StylesTeacher and students assume dual responsibility for learningTeachers creates an environment that seeks to prevent behavioral issuesTeacher Actions speak louder than wordsStudents Learn about responsibility and apply their learning Passive CommunicatorTry to avoid conflicts
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