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Kinesiology and Recreation
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Study Guide for FINAL EXAMRespiratory UnitAnatomical structures to know location and functionRespiration the process involved in supplying the body with oxygen and disposing of carbon dioxideNasal oral cavities Nasalyour nose functions include warm moisten and cleanse air sense of smell voice phonetics by functioning as a resonating chamber drainage areas within the nasal cavityOral your mouth functions include digestive enzymes mastication and sense of taste moistens food for the formation of food bolusPharynx connects nasal and oral cavities respiratory functions in breathing digestive functions in chewing and swallowingLarynx voice box prevent food from entering the trachea and lungs permit passage of air into the lungs production of soundsTrachea wind pipe made of 1620 c shaped rings of hyaline cartilage allows for the expansion of the esophagus when food is swallowed provides structural support for the trachea keeping the airway permanently open mucus secretions are abundant in the trachea Dust particles stick to the mucus and then ciliary motion sweeps the mucus to the pharynxBronchi divisions from the trachea trachealeft and right brochi lobar segmental to brochiolesTerminal bronchioles passage
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