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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 225

FINAL EXAM REVIEWChapters 15 16 Youth Sport and a Comprehensive SectionChapter 15Adolescent Growth PubertyReproductive MaturityKnow the following terms Genotype Phenotype Puberty Genotype An Individuals genetic growth potentialPhenotype An individuals environmental conditions that may influence his or her growth potentialPuberty The developmental period that represents the beginning of sexual maturationPeak height velocityPeak weight velocityDifferences between malesfemalesoPeak height velocity The time during the adolescent growth spurt during which the rate of growth in height reaches it maximumMales coincide with secondary sex characteristics Begin at age 11 reach peak height velocity by 13 and tapper off by 15 and finish at 1718 1113151718Females coincide with secondary characteristics but precede menarche Start at 9 peak height velocity is at 11 tapper off at 13 and finish by 169111316oPeak weight velocity The time during the adolescent growth spurt during which the rate of growth in weight reaches it maximum Generally greater in boys then girlsMales Start at 11 peak at 13 and finish at 14111314Females start at 10 peak at 12 and finish at 16101216Adolescent awkwardnessKnow differences between males and females during adolescence height weight lungs heart etcHeight Females are usually about two years advance of males in height growth starting at 9 males start at 11 Females are reported to attain max height at 16 males at 18 There is a considerable variation among individuals in the attainment of maximum statures Males period coincides with appearance of axillary and pubic hair Genotype drives height gainWeight Weight changes during adolescence are great Both males and females increases in weight tend to follow the same general curves as for increases in height Dramatic gains occur during puberty with approximately 50 of adult body weight being gained during adolescence Females start at 10 finish at 16 males start at 11 end at 16doubles in weightHeart Increases by about onehalf in size and almostduring adolescence Females have slightly smaller hearts then males during childhood but begin accelerated growth of the heart earlier and attain significantly smaller total growth by end of adolescence By the age of 10 males heart rates are on average 35 beats per min slower then females By late adolescence males average resting heart rate 5760 beats per min females 6263
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