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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 247

KNR 247Illinois State UniversityFinal ExamNew Material The Physical Best Teachers Guide Chapters 4 6 7 8 9Comprehensive section All assigned readings and class notesthExam Wednesday May 6 10 am12 pm Exam will consist of Multiple ChoiceShort AnswerNote Exam is not limited to the followingRead all chapters review class notes and supplemental readingsThe Physical Best Teachers GuideChapter 4NutritionFoundations of a Healthy DietPrimary GoalsProvide a variety of nutrientdense foods and beveragesSupply all the nutrients in adequate amounts by adopting a balanced eating patternSupply a recommended caloric intake within energy needs to maintain an ideal body weightMeeting nutritional recommendations while keeping total calories under controlFactors affecting food choices From textbookHabitEmotional factors such as happiness or stressConvenienceNutrition knowledgeTime limitationsReligious beliefsSocioeconomic factors such as cost of food and availability of foodAdvertisingEthnicityLearned behaviorsGeneticsHealth factorsAbility to shop and cookTasteCategories of Nutrients Be able to define the categoriesCarbohydratesConstitutes the preferred Simple carbohydrate is high in sugarComplex carbohydrate such as whole grains sustains the supply of energy longerAbout 45 to 65 of the diet should consist of carbohydrate primarily complex carbohydrateProteinThe basic building block for the body The source can be plant or animalFatCan be more or less healthful depending on its level of saturationSaturated fat comes predominantly from animal sources and should be restrictedUnsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature and comes from plant sourcesTrans fatty acid or trans fat is unsaturated fatty acid When used in excess it has been found to contribute to chronic diseasesVitaminsVitamins and minerals make peoples bodies work properlyVitamins can be fat soluble or water solublePhytonutrient components of plants are thought to promote health
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