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Illinois State University
Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 280

KNR280 Test 11Based on the institute of medicine recommended daily intake for a sedentary woman should consumeand men should a1800 and 22002 Fat is typically referred to as a calorie dense or energy dense when compared to the nutrients because a1 gram of fat contains more calorie than 1 gram of cho or protein3TF 2nd largest source of calories a typical person uses in a day come from proteinFALSE4By adding up the total calories burned daily by physical activity TEF RMR is aTotal daily energy expenditure5When lactate acid accumulates in the muscle during exercise it generally meansaLactic acid is being produced more quickly6TF Protein supplementation is recommend for most active individualsaFalse7Most manufactures of sport drinks include sodium and potassium in the product foraTo enhance water absorption and decrease the chance of hyponatrema8Which of the following statements is not trueaBoth fats and carb can be metabolized anerobically
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