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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 280

280 Exam 31Which of the following is a benefit or adaption typically associated with resistance trainingAIncreased mitochondrial densityBAnd increase in fat free mass CSignificant increase in VO2maxDIncreased capillary density within the muscle tissue2Which of the following is not true with regards to HGHCan be administered both in pill form and via injection3A competitive marathon runner might takein attempt to increase VO2 maxb Erythroprotein4For adolescent abusing anabolic steroids may create additional risk becauseaThese types of steroids may signal the endocrine system to halt the normal maturation process5Coping with heat stress is more difficult for someone who took EPO True6If the product is marketed as a supplement thenaThis product must contain an herbal addition or botanical component7Metaanalysis published in 2002 said that what percent of supplements were found effectivea18In class we discussed the myostatin gene this gene codes for a protein that
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