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Kinesiology and Recreation
KNR 282

1The four characteristics of a force includeaMagnitude direction point of application line of action2Mass differs from weight becauseaWeight is a force and mass is the quantity of matter in the body3Impulsive loading refers toaAn imposed force that reaches a relatively high magnitude in a relatively short period4Wolff of Wolffs law isaA German scientist5Impulsive loads maybe applied to the body byaImpact with another bodybA ground reaction forcecMuscle activityyydAll of the aboveANSWER IS ALL OF THE ABOVE6Choose the correct statement regarding the development of chronic osteoporosisaGenetics may predispose you to osteoporosis but lifestyle can control the extent of debilitation7In the linked segment model of the human bodyaBones are rigid lengthsbJoints are frictionless hingescMuscles work in groups and pull on segmentsdMotion at one joint affects motion at the next jointeAll of the aboveANSWER IS ALL OF THE ABOVE8The difference between the symptom and the cause of an error isaThe symptom is related to the motion of the body and the cause is related to the force acting on the body9Altering the dimensions of an altering bike to fit the anthropometrics of women riders is an example ofaRemedying the problem10An example of a critical ability lacking when batting in baseball isaNot able to swing the bat because the bat is too heavy11Instructing base runners in baseball to lightly touch the thumb to the forefinger is a useless instructional cue because hand position isaIdiosyncrasy12As defined in class the term critical ability lackingaRefers to a mismatch between some physical aspect of the performer and the performance environment13When a parent working with a child gives the cue you need to follow through the parent is focusing on aA symptom of the error14Using the performance ofrising from the floor as required to prevent a long lie is an example of Hoffmans critical ability lacking could bea Lack of flexibility in the hipsbLack of flexibility in the armscLack of strength in the legsdLack of strength in the armseAny of the aboveTHIS IS THE ANSWER15Poor performance of a skill may be caused byaLack of motivationbLack of strengthcImproper techniquedAll of the aboveTHIS IS THE ANSWER16Using the impulse momentum relationship as the basis of skill analysis is justified becauseaThe process of every skill performance can be considered in terms of impulsebThe process of every skill performance can be considered in terms of momentum
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