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IMC Final ProjectMKT 233 001Foundations of IMCDr BlackJune 10 2014Illinois State University1Background InformationRiverside Health and Fitness Center is a fitness center that is currently located in Bourbonnais IllinoisThe fitness center is owned by the local hospital called Riverside Medical HospitalThis fitness center offers a various amount of amenities as well as group fitness classes that attract new members in the areaOffered within this fitness center is a complete gym filled with treadmills elliptical machines free weights squat racks multiple benches a basketball court a volleyball court a crossfit area steam rooms whirlpool hot tubs a swimming pool a fitness studio an indoor track and many more offerings one would except to be in an advanced fitness centerThere are also many included services that set this fitness center apart from a typical gymThese services include personal training wellness management massage therapy swim lessons and child care httpfitnessriversidehealthcareorgRiverside Health and Fitness Center falls into the highly competitive gym and fitness industryThis industry can be considered highly competitive primarily due to pricing and various offerings that can set a gym apart from the othersThis concept of gaining a competitive advantage can be the main focus of many gyms and fitness centers but may be hard to obtainMembership rates and pricing are extremely important when it comes to business within the industryMany prices are based off competitor pricing as well as the location of the gym or fitness centerAlthough Riverside Health and Fitness Center may be considered the best gym in the area the membership is set at 60 per month where the majority of other local gyms range from 10 to 20 per monthMany locals are scared off by this high membership pricing and that is why a strong IMC program and strong marketing objectives need to be 2
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