POL 106 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Missouri Compromise, Perry, Pregnancy Discrimination Act

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Civil liberties are constitutional protections from government power. Civil rights are protections by government power (no list of civil rights in the constitution) The 2 initial limits are: slavery and lack of civil rights for african americans & women"s right to vote. But also some recent limits include: right to gay marriage. How to give rights to the growing hispanic populations. 1896 - plessy v ferguson- state laws requiring racial segregation in public facilities. How did the government"s actions in the missouri compromise, the fugitive state law, and the. Missouri compromise - missouri wanted to be union slave state, would have made an uneven number of slave and free states, ended up making missouri a slave state and maine a free state to keep it even. Fugitive state law - must return runaway slaves to the state which they belong, if not fine of.