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Politics and Government
POL 326

POL325 Constitutional Law Functions and Powers Midterm ExamthDUE MONDAY MARCH 17 at 1100 PM NO LATE EXAMS WILL BE ACCEPTEDDirections Students are required to answer all of the following essay questionsYou must do so in 15 pages or less Students must type their answers and answers must be in complete sentences where grammar and spelling are checked and will be considered in the grading Be sure to number the essay responses in your file Students will upload a word open office or pdf file to Reggienet under Midterm Exam under the assignments tab Students must upload their exams but you can also send the exam as an email attachment to be sure the exam reaches the professor before 1100 pm on Monday March 17th Technology failures will not be accepted as an excuse for a late exam I encourage students to upload drafts as they are working so that in the worst case there will be something available to be gradedIf the file uploaded is unreadable by the professor the file will be considered not submitted and the student will receive a failing gradeTo avoid this I encourage students to use pdf file types Exams are open book open notes open case briefs but are NOT COLLABORATIVE Students must work on the exams on their own Any question of plagiarism will be taken very seriously Any proof of cheating or plagiarism will result in at minimum a grade of 0 on the exam Further action may be taken in the most serious of cases
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