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PSY 110

STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 3CHAPTER 3Parts of the eyeCornea the tough transparent protective layer that covers the front of the eye and bends light rays inward through the pupilPupil small openings in the center of the colored part of the eyeIris colored part of the eye that dilates and contracts the pupil to regulate the amnt Of light that enters the eyeLens transparent disc shaped structure behind the iris and the pupil that changes shape as it focuses on objects at varying distancesAccommodation the flattening and bulging action of the lens as it focuses images of objects on the retinaRetina the layer of tissue that is located on the inner surface of the eyeball and contains sensory receptors for visionRods the lightsensitive receptor cells in the retina that look like slender cylinders and allow eye to respond to low levels of lightCones the light sensitive rounded receptor cells in the retina that enable humans to see color and fine detail in adequate light but do not function in very dim lightWhich sense is most valuablesightMyopia vs hyperopiaMyopia far items are blurredHyperopia near items are blurredRods vs conesRods allows eye to respond to low levels of lightCones enables humans to see colorfine detail in adequate light do not function in very dim lightThree dimensions of light1Hue refers to the specific color received ex blue red yellow etc
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