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PSY 340 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Standard Deviation, Type I And Type Ii Errors, Central Limit Theorem

Course Code
PSY 340
Alexandra Ilie
Study Guide

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Study Guide Exam 2 Fall 2017
This is just a guide, read the assigned chapters. Also, review the problems that we
solved in class. Keep in mind that all statistics is partially-cumulative (i.e., you will
see concepts covered before in other chapters such as mean, standard deviation
z-scores for individual scores (meaning, calculation for sample and population)
Transforming X values into z-scores
Converting z-scores to X values
Other relationships between z, X, µ, and σ:
if the values for µ, X, and the z-score are given, what is the standard deviation
for the population (σ)?
if the values for σ, X, and the z-score are given, what is the mean for the
population (µ)?
Finding proportions or probabilities for specific z-score values (identifying
proportions above/below z-scores using the unit-normal table).
Find the proportion located between 2 scores:
For example: p(65<X<75) = ?
Identifying probabilities and proportions for scores from a normal distribution:
Example: It is known that IQ scores form a normal distribution with µ = 100
and σ = 15. Given this information, what is the probability of randomly
selecting an individual with an IQ score less than 120?
(this example is presented in the textbook, pp. 178-179)
Standardizing an entire distribution (impact on shape, mean, SD)
Comparing scores across different distributions (using z-scores to make
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