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Apparel, Merchandising and Design
A M D 362
Jan Fitzpatrick

AMD 362 Cultural Perspectives of Dress Study Guide for Exam #1 – Fri. Jan. 27, Mon. Jan. 30, & Tues. Jan 31 (40 points) Concepts and Terms Be prepared to DEFINE, DESCRIBE, recognize an EXAMPLE of, and/or APPLY the following concepts and terms. Use the assigned readings, reading questions, and the video from class to prepare in addition to your lecture notes. The exam will be a combination of image identification, multiple choice, and matching questions, as well as a map identification section. 40 questions x 1 point eFifty minutes are allowed to complete and submit the exam. If you choose to take the exam twice, the average of your two scores will be figured to determine the total points earned on the exam. Introduction to Dress and Culture Lectures • Cultural aesthetic ideals • The concept/definition of Dress • Cultural standards • Organization of social structures • Examples of WoDaaBe aesthetics • Four functions and examples of dress • Body modification From Reading Questions 1, 2, and 3 • Body supplement • Terms used interchangeably witth“dress” • Classification system of body supplements • Role of superstition in early 20 century and examples of each (Wrapped, pre- children’s dress shaped, and suspended body enclosures; • Bifurcated dress attachments to the body; attachments to • Quinceañera body enclosures; hand-held objects) • Breeching ceremony • Properties of body modifications and • The meaning of long hair on men supplements experienced through the 5 • Function of uniforms senses, including examples • Messag
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