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[CJ ST 240] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (35 pages long!)

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Iowa State University
Criminal Justice Studies
CJ ST 240
Delisi Matt

ISU CJ ST 240 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at oneclass.com 9216 DelinquentCriminal Career Parameters Prevalence: proportion or of population involved in crime The more serious and intense it is, the more rare it is (low prevalence) Less serious or more common (high prevalence) Incidence: total amount of crime in a population One person kills 10 people incidence is 10 Lambda: individual annual offending rate Some people arrested once a year, some arrested several Onset: beginning of a career, evidenced by manifestation or first arrest; inversely related to seriousness of career Onset reading ability 1st, 2nd grade Important particularly when its early Aggressive behavior at a young age Continuity or Discontinuity: pathway career follows Way the criminal career develops overtime Discontinuity might include criminal wanting to stop for period of time DesistanceTermination: waning and end of career VersatilityGenerality vs Specialization: do criminals commit a little bit of everything or narrowly commit certain types of crimes? Theoretical Explanations of Criminal Careers StaticDeterministic Approaches: Asserts that problematic behaviors are positively correlated in the same people because of an individuallevel pathology Acknowledges geneticbiological conditions as viable partial cause of crime Attach great importance to role of familyparental socialization in causing problem behaviors Consequently, causes of severe crime are intractable This view is controversial and considered conservative Developmental Approaches Dynamic, asserts that change occurs over time and has important consequences for human behavior Asserts that prosocial and antisocial skills are developed and nurturedexacerbated by environmental conditions find more resources at oneclass.com
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