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ENGL 201
Christina Hill

Ransom of Red Chief Study Guide Why they chose the town- One reason they chose Summit was because they said that the inhabitants in summit were undeleterious, philoprogenitiveness is also strong in semi-rural communities, and also they knew that Summit couldn’t get anything on them except some lazy bloodhounds and a diatribe or two in the Weekly Farmer’s Budget. Examples of dramatic irony- An example is when Bill comes back and says, ““But he’s gone”— continues Bill—“gone home. I showed him the road to Summit and kicked him about eight feet nearer there at one kick. I’m sorry we lose the ransom; but it was either that or Bill Driscoll to the madhouse.” Author's purpose- The author’s purpose in this story is to entertain. The eight words to know- Examples of situational irony- One example is that the men meant to take the red chief hostage, but instead red chief took them hostage. Another example is that Ebenezer made the two men pay him for kidnapping his son, instead of him paying them. Physical descriptions of each character- In the story Bill is pictured as a fat man. Johnny (Red Chief) is described as a kid who was the age of 10, with bas-relief freckles, and hair the color of the cover of the magazine you buy at the news-stand when you want to catch a train. Sam wasn’t described, he was the narrator. How much they asked for- In the beginning Sam wanted to ask for $2000, and then Bill told him to change the ransom to $1500. Settings of scene- The setting is set in Alabama, in the town with the name of Summit which was flat as a flannel cake (ironi
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