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BIOL-L 111
Michael J Wade

Biology Study Session Exam 1 9/12/2013 3:46:00 PM 25 questions  each worth 4 points 2 bonus questions  each worth 4 points Can get a possible of 108 points  Can miss 5 questions to get an 88% Dates  1859- Publication of the Origin of species  1831-36 5 years on the Beagle Know Biological Hierarchy  individual  population  ecosystem  community Henslow, Lyell, Darwin, Mendel, Fitzroy,  Lyell: geologist Struggle for existence:  Lyell o Fossils in different layers of rock  Realizes they were living species o Believed the newer species drove out older/different species all the way up to the present day  Darwin o Struggle for existence was between the members of the same species o Better ones win o Worse ones lose 5 Mendel’s laws Definition of species:  ask how differen
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