SPEA-H 316 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Environmental Disease, Humorism, Organism

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Focus on the following from each class: first class. Aspect of public health concerned w/ understanding & Controlling factors in the environment that adversely affect. Encompasses the control of environmental factors & aims to. Prevent illness and injury: concepts of disease. Miasma: belief that disease was from air rising. Humorism: body and health regulated by 4 body fluids, so. Excess or not enough then you get disease: black bile, yellow bile, blood, phlegm. Concepts of medical/simple model and ecological model of health. Medical model: single cause - single effect phenomenon, Useful in diagnosing, treating, & preventing many acute. Limitations: doesn"t show complexity, focuses on physical. Ecological model: emphasizes the linkages and relationships. To establish a causal relationship between a parasite and a. Disease all four must be fulfilled: the organism must be found in all animals suffering. From the disease - but not in healthy animals: the organism must be isolated from the diseased animal.