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Public And Environmental Affairs
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SPEA-V 236
Kristi McCann
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What alternative dispute resolution is (3 questions Chapter 14)
o Approaches to processing and deciding employee complaints internally as an
alternative to lawsuits, usually for disputes involving discharge and/or
employee discrimination.
Holiday and work schedule is
o Can’t discriminate against holidays and elders & working hours
Different styles when dealing with conflict
o Withdraw/avoid
o Accommodate/Oblige
o Compromise
o Compete/force/dominate
o Collaborate/problem solve
Performance appraisals and what is in them
o Setting the stage for employee success
o Providing feedback and controls
o Monitoring performance regularly
o Providing support, guidance, and direction as needed
Multi-National Corporation
o A company that establishes locations, manages production, and delivers
services in more than one country and most often directs management policies
and practices from one home country.
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