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Indiana University of Pennsylvania
CHEM - Chemistry
CHEM 102

Chapter 12 Alcohols R-OH (not cyclo) -ol Phenols R-OH (Cyclo) Phenol (-ol) Ether R-O-R Ether Thiols R-SH Benzyl Alcohol CH2OH *Primary Alcohols – carbon bearing OH is directly attached to 1 other carbon Secondary Alcohols – carbon bearing OH is directly attached to 2 other carbon Tertiary Alcohols – carbon bearing OH is directly attached to 3 other carbon *Properties ~ Solubility: • Less than 3 Carbons -> soluble • More than 5 -> hardly soluble • But more OHs can compensate ~ Highly Polar ~ Much high boiling and melting point (than alkanes, alkenes, and aromatics) because they have hydrogen bonds not London forces *Naming Alcohols 1. Notice it’s an alcohol 2. Box longest chain 3. Temporarily name it get rid of e and put –ol 4. Count and make OH lowest possible Common names -> *Naming Phenols ~ Ends in phenol ~ OH is always number 1 position ~ List everything else alphabetically *Naming Ethers ~ Common names ~ Ends in ether ~ Name two r groups on both sides of the O ~ List alphabetically *Reactions… Alcohols 1. Hydration -> addit
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