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Age to children by their parents: children may also suffer from: Genetic disorders: caused by inherited genes, which are passed the womb, at birth, or after birth; may interrupt normal development. Developmental disorders: occur while the child is developing in regenerate anatomy predisposition: the elderly. As the body ages, there is a general reduction in function. Inability of certain organs such as the brain and heart to. Gender: refers to the sex of an individual-male or female, some disease affect only males or females due to the differences in. 1. 3 intro to pathogens (cont. : predisposing factors to disease (cont. , ones that can be controlled: Lifestyle: bad lifestyle choice can contribute to disease, lifestyle risk factors can be controlled and altered by the individual. Environment: environmental stressors that can contribute to poor health, polluted air/water, chronic stress, loud noise, poor and unsanitary living conditions, contaminated food, signs and symptoms of disease, signs. Subjective signals relative to the patient: cannot be measured.