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ECON 200 Quiz: Readings Week 15

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ECON 200

Readings Week 15: Long-Run Macro – The Great Divergence “Bourgeois Dignity”, Deirdre McCloksey (Ch. 38-46) Ch. 38: The Cause Was Not Science • Science (and imperialism and trade) more of a result, not cause, of economic growth • Experimentalism led to invention, has always been around Ch. 39: But bourgeois dignity and liberty entwined with the enlightenment • Character vs. conditions • People choose to have their culture o Culture is not a single factor Ch. 40: It was not allocation • Discovery not reshuffling led to modern economic growth • The incentive has to be nothing, people see what they want • Better distribution, not more production • Mill said the distribution was fixed, all would end equal Ch. 41: It was words • Opportunity costs – where there is an advantage, there is a flaw • More conversations, moving conversations • Free speech o Speaking/ writing what one thought o Better politics o Innovation/ the world we know came from this Ch. 42: Dignity and liberty for ordinary people, in short, were the greatest externalities • Bourgeois era – free to dream of innovation o Attempt was dignified o Dignity and liberty lead to modern economic growth in Europe Ch. 43: And the model can be formalized • Middle Ages – nation income was split to labor and land • More dignity = even more output, beca
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