POSC 225 Quiz: class ch. 13

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Political Science
POSC 225
Kwanda Trice

Chapter 13: Interest Groups: Good Outcomes with Few Resources Interest Groups and Their Functions • Interest (pressure) groups: organizations whose members act together to influence public policy and promote their common interests • Justification for African American development of interest groups o Ida B. Wells A Group-Based View of American Politics • Federalist No. 10: James Madison o Factions can be dangerous to democracy o Numerous interests and movement in and out of factions would make them less dangerous in America • Pluralism o A theory of politics that contends that power is group based and that political outcomes are the result of competition among groups o Dahl’s (1961) six assumptions of pluralism • Criticisms of Pluralism o Schattschneider ▪ Majority of Americans do not have interest group representation o Lowi ▪ Many Americans are shut out of the policy-making process ▪ Iron Triangle Interest Group Formation • Logic of collective action (Olson) • Free rider • Collective goods Types of Interest Groups • Mahood o Economic interest groups o Noneconomic interest groups • Economic interest groups o Agriculture o Business ▪ Protect the ability of businesses to remain profitable o Labor ▪ Protect workers and unions o Professions ▪ The AMA apologizes to Black Physicians • Noneconomic interest groups o Civil rights ▪ Equal opportunity, voting rights, civil liberties, and race and gender discrimination o Government ▪ State and local organizations o Ideology ▪ Organizations based on belief system o Public interest ▪ Consumers, environmentalists, and political reformers o Single issue
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