GEOG 1101 Quiz: Exam 4 notes

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7 Dec 2016
4 sectors of econ transition model
1. Primary
a. Farming
b. Agriculture (fishing/hunting too)
c. Resource extraction (mining)
2. Secondary
a. Industry
b. Manufacturing (tangible goods)
c. Textiles, electronics, cars
3. Tertiary
a. Services
b. FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate)
c. Finance: NY, Tokyo, London
d. Technopole: ATL
e. Domestics, tourism
4. Quaternary
a. Technology
b. Healthcare
5. Intel & silicon valley
a. Malaysian manufacturing plan of Intel’s microprocessors is #2
b. Tech is developed in stage 4
Post-industrial economies: US, UK, Japan- most of the workforce is in the service sector
Agricultural economies: most of sub-saharan african states, guatemala, laos
Core, periphery, semi-periphery (map)
Core: North America, Europe
Semiperiphery: South America, Asia, Australia
Periphery: Africa
European union: core
Australia & new zealand: core
Supranational organizations
G-20, OPEC, NAFTA, EU, ASEAN, Mercosur/Mercosul : map
G-20: strongest 20 countries, contains core & semi-periphery economies
Most of the world’s population lives in cities: US suburban & Africa rural
Atlanta’s diversified economy: TNCs (Coke, Delta, CNN)
European city model: Quebec, Savannah, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Charleston
LA Model: sprawl due to highway system & automobiles: Houston, Dallas, Toronto, Atlanta
Edge city: suburban downtown: Cumberland & Perimeter Center
Megacities: Asia has the most megacities
Favela: shantytown; rural to urban migration & minimal zoning causes creation
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find more resources at
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