GEOG 1101 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Xenophobia, Microsoft Powerpoint, Demographic Transition

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6 Sep 2016
Chapter #1: Introduction
Globalization & Diversity
What is Geography?
What do geographers analyze?
List Georgia’s first three major cities and why did settlement occur at their present location?
Toponym: Define & give examples
Site & Situation of Place
Formal, Functional, & Vernacular Regions
Two cultural attributes to define region?
Quebec & the South: Sports?
Name Transition Zones beyond South
Define culture?
Atlanta’s Location (Equator & Prime Meridian)
Human Modification of Landscape: Be able to give two examples?
Chapter #2: Population
Relocation Diffusion:
Expansion Diffusion: Three types – Hierarchical, Contagious, & Stimulus
Transnational Corporations of metropolitan Atlanta
World population: Cities, suburbs, or rural? Four largest countries and regions? Megalopolis.
Population Density?
Birth Rate, Death Rate, Fertility Rate, & National Increase Rate
Understanding Demography – MOST population statistics reflect lower levels of development
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Document Summary

Expansion diffusion: three types hierarchical, contagious, & stimulus. Birth rate, death rate, fertility rate, & national increase rate. Understanding demography most population statistics reflect lower levels of development. Demographic transition model (stage 2 countries are places where out migration occurs) Population pyramids & tables understand if i place them within a question. Push: social & political (-) and pull factors: economic (+) Refugees: people who have been forced to migrate from their homes and cannot return for fear of persecution due race/ethnicity, religion, nationality, or political opinion. Internal migration (interregional migration): china (1) and us (3) External migration (international migration): rural to urban, guest workers, forced migration, Incentive migration, step & chain migration, circular migration, and return migration. Xenophobia: views towards immigrants in us and europe. Use this review sheet in conjunction with the exam #1 review session 080316 power point! Flag thematic maps and tables in your textbook as well as key terms in the glossary.

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