GEOG 1112 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cyclonic Rotation, Wind Shear, Bow Echo

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15 Jan 2017
Derechos categorized into 3 types; serial, progressive, hybrid
Serial derechos: prod. By multiple bow echoes embedded in squall line---sweeps across
large area, wide/long.
a progressive derecho: short line of thunderstorms; **40-250 miles length--- associated
bow echo system begins rel. small, with narrow path, grow over time.
Hybrid: derecho; both like "progressive" and "serial" types.
Sometimes--- widespread bands of wind-producing storms occur in limited moisture areas.
----referred to as low dew point derechos: often occur b/w late fall - early spring with
strong low pressure systems + form of serial derecho.
occurrence divided into 2 seasons; "warm" season (May, June, July and August) 70% form
in these 4 months.
United States: occur along 2 axes. 1 along "Corn Belt" from upper Mississippi Valley -- Ohio
Valley. O/ from southern Plains -- mid Mississippi Valley.
tend to occur in families/groups. 1ST one occurs=good chance more will occur
within following days- elsewhere.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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