HIST 1112 Midterm: HIST 1112 Exam 1 Study Guide

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Hist 1112 lectures 1-8 - exam 1 study guide. Introduction: history: a meaningful account of significant events in the past, written by historians. Three worlds of the 15th century: china & europe. China: height of its development in the early 15th century, most civilized part of the world, strong government and institutions, flourished economy, great cultural/scientific advancements, yet no innovation and new policy of isolation. Europe: emerging from long periods of crisis/stagnation, fragmented politically, yet ready to take off. China"s overseas exploration and trade were ended, trade agreements around indian ocean abandoned, new ideas/experimentation frowned upon. Reasons are unknown, but long-term consequences were devastating for china. Europe experienced a trade revival, growing cities, agricultural improvements, textile and mining industry expansion, development of capitalism, and national monarchies. Replaced seljuk turks who had already conquered much of the. Sultan: ruler with absolute power with administration made of well educated christian slaves (no noble class involved)

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