SCI 1102 Quiz: Human Population Growth 3

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7 Feb 2017

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2014 World Population Data Sheet
1. Describe changes in the most populous nations between 2014 & 2050.
- Idia takes Chia’s spot i 5
2. Describe regional patterns in the nations with the highest & lowest total fertility rates.
3. Explain how extreme poverty rates in varying regions have changed in recent decades.
4. List nations that have made significant progress since 1990 in reducing infant mortality
& those that have more modest improvements.
- Australia
- French Polynesia*
- New Caledonia
- New Guinea
- Samoa
- Vanuatu
5. Compare & contrast the age distributions of major world regions in 1970 & 2014.
6. List nations that have made significant progress since 1990 in reducing maternal
mortality during childbirth & those that have more modest improvements.
2012 World Population Data Sheet
1. Explain how wealth affects age structure in the African nation of Malawi.
- Poor are much younger, wealthy are older
- The need for investing large amounts in the health & education
2. Define non-communicable diseases (NCDs) & describe how NCDs currently affect
mortality & are predicted to affect mortality in 2030.
- Greatest increase is expected in low income countries
- Sub Saharan Africa will have the greatest increase in 2030
- Projected to increase from half to almost three quarters
3. Compare & contrast premature death from NCDs in low, middle, & high-income nations.
- Living in low & middle income countries are likely
- Occur among men than women
- 30% in low & middle
- 13% in high
4. Relate changes in the U.S. population by age group from 2000-2011.
- Population increased by 0.7 percent
- Population is growing older
- U.S still has a great deal of population momentum
- Baby boomers enter retirement & there are fewer people of reproductive age
o Declines in the number of births & the age structure could resemble Europe
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