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CHEM 10052 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Propene, Hydrogenation, Cyclooctane

CHEM 10052 Study Guide Test 2isopropyl 2ESTRUCTURESnbutyl 1Eisobutyl 1E13cyclohexadienesecbutyl 213pentadienecis or transE14pentadieneterbutyl 3E2butene cis or transALL alcohols and ALL alkyl halides bearingisoprenethe abo...

CHEM 10052
All Professors
Exp 8-10 II.pdf

Experiment 810 Synthesis of Nmethylfluoxetine a precursor to ProzacPreparation Objectives LehmanReview heating under reflux vacIn this series of experiments we will exuum filtration Craig tube recrystallization plore a nov...

CHEM 30105
All Professors
Exp 6 II.pdf

Experiment 6 Combinatorial Synthesis of Azo Dyes Objectives Preparation Organic text Review the formation reactions In this experiment we will look at an imporand properties of diazonium salts in your ortant group of color...

CHEM 30105
All Professors

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