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BIOL 240- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 24 pages long!)

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University of Kansas
BIOL 240

[BIOL 240] Comprehensive spring guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at JANUARY 19 ,2017 BASIC TERMINOLOGY All things are relative Anatomical position consists of: - Body erects - Hands at sides - Palms forward - Feet parallel Body Planes- division of bodies into different halves and sections - Coronal plane o Frontal and dorsal aka front and back - Transverse plane o Dividing into suferior and inferior halves o Upper and lower - Sagittal/parasagittal o Divides body into right and left halves o When directly in the middle of the body, known as midsagittal ▪ Although it can be off the midline Prone Position = body is on its stomach Supine position = body on its back Anatomical Directions - Superior- up, inferior- down o For the trunk - Medial- close to midline, lateral- away from midline - Proximal- closer to the trunk, distal- away from the trunk o Upper and lower limbs ▪ Ex. Thumb is distal from my foot - Anterior = front/ventral, posterior = back/dorsal - Ipsilateral- things on the same side of the body, contralateral- on opposite sides of body - Deep- closer to the core of the body, superficial- closer to exit of body/outer o Ex. The sweat gland is suferior to the fat tissue find more resources at
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